We are passionate about building a unique physical and mental environment where our fellow colleagues feel inspired, energized and welcome. We respect individual differences, invest in talent and shape ourselves to nurture team success.

Our Values

Driven By Impact

We ensure all our decisions create value for both of our Clients and our employees. We deliver services if they impact at scale at the right value

Best Environment for Best People

We rigorously build a mental and physical environment where Best People want to be part of; we respect individual differences, invest in talent and shape ourselves to nurture team success.

Future in Mind

We lead by and invest with Future in Mind to foster sustainable growth of DefineX and Team DefineX. Stewardship is our key to achieve growth of our People.

Define Next

We design and build the Next: In every project we are part of, we make progress in technology and design, we make assets reusable and create the next. We are well-known for inventing services and platforms that define the Next

I always imagined a company that cares about your progress, prepares you to the future. That's exactly what DefineX is doing. In other words, I wanted to Define the next.

Views from our Advanced Candidates

a great company with great people.

Views from our Advanced Candidates

DefineX has a wonderful reputation as a great place to work. You place high value on your employees and encourage them to learn, grow, innovate inside the company. This means that employees happily work here for many years.

Views from our Advanced Candidates

I felt like it was the right company and right job for me at this point in my life. Also, I feel close to the company values which is extremely important to me while deciding on a job.

Views from our Advanced Candidates

For learning new things about digital marketing, promoting my career and I think DefineX is a big company with big goals.

From Members of Definex

DefineX is one of the best consulting company that I know of. And I have friends who are working at DefineX, they praised the company a lot. My Team works on both Front-End side and Back-End side. It matches the areas that I want to improve myself. I live in Izmir and DefineX is located in Izmir. These are the some of reasons why I chose to join DefineX.

Views from our Advanced Candidates

Open Positions

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General Application

If you believe you’ll make a difference in our team, but couldn’t find a suitable position above, please feel free to submit a general application. Your application will be assesed and stored in our database for future recruitments.