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Maximizing Digital Sales in a Major Turkish Bank

250 digital sales opportunities in 3 key areas resulting in 26% increase in digital active customers.

Business Challenge

Achieving growth in digital sales is a strategic priority.

Banks and Financial Services institutions in Turkey have been leading the way in delivering their services in digital channels. However, growth has been on the passenger seat and not treated as an equal strategic priority so far. We worked with the fifth largest private bank in Turkey to achieve growth in digital sales.

These factors increased the pressure on banks to change this:
- Ever increasing competition especially in core products such as Personal Loan and Credit Cards shifting to new war turf: Digital
- Acceleration in the use of frequency of digital channels by consumers during COVID pandemic and increasing consumer expectations.
- Changing Regulations and Restrictions by The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) on high performing external remarketing channels such as Google & Facebook resulting in significant effects for digital marketing including 3rd party data collection, targeting and segmentation
- Challenges in selecting and implementing the right MarTech and AdTech stack to ensure sustainable and efficient digital sales operations.
- Need to enable the mindset shift towards digital sales in organizations and redesign ways of working.
How we helped?

Delivering success in digital sales requires a truly holistic approach achieved through a coordinated effort with improvements in all pillars of digital revenue growth framework:

- Smart Offering
- Smooth sales and onboarding experience
- Efficient performance marketing
- Agile digital sales organization working towards the same growth objectives
Hence, we started with an in-depth analysis of existing practices, resources and results delivered through the lenses of our framework to identify the boulders to be eliminated and opportunities to deliver digital sales and design a sustainable operating model.

The key results of this analysis and design phase were priorities and key initiatives to drive the objective-based agile DRS sprints; Phase 2 of our project. Phase 2 focused on key products and services where integrated and diverse teams tackled concrete problems and attacked over 250 digital sales opportunities in three key areas:  
- Sales results and quick wins
- Objective Based immediate optimizations
- Well defined Technology, UX and Process backlog
Results Achieved

The project delivered immediate sales lift proving the potential and transform the way the bank approach digital revenue generation. Together we were able to react promptly to regulatory changes, design the optimum Mar-Tech stack and built the foundations for a sustainable digital sales.

The integrated squads executed 9 objective-driven agile sprints for the first time and provided the much-needed focus on digital sales that provides:
-Continuous optimization to deliver consistent digital sales results increased digital channels share in total sales by 2.1x in GPL and 1.3x in retail credit cards
-Offering optimization to leverage digital own-channels led 21x GPL sales increase in mobile banking main offering area
-Digital onboarding program and trigger based offerings designed by following customer footprints led %26 increase in digital active customers
-Re-designed offerings for uncompleted retail credit card applications increased conversion rate by 10x
-Operational and management dashboards with clear metrics and KPI’s making digital sales data accessible and usable
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Maximizing Digital Sales in a Major Turkish Bank

250 digital sales opportunities in 3 key areas resulting in 26% increase in digital active customers.

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