You're Next!

Are you ready to refine your competencies at the first step of your career journey? We invite you to integrate your educational path with your unique talents, internalize your goals, and make an impact by developing new skills. Seize the opportunity now with the “You’re Next Program” and become a part of the excitement in the consultancy world!
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About DefineX

DefineX is a new generation consulting house and a venture builder that designs and builds the enablers of digital acceleration for the world. Founded by former teams from a leading Global Consulting Company, DefineX emerged in 2019 to define the next and revolutionize the consulting landscape with a fresh, new way of thinking.

About You

The ‘You’re Next Program‘ is designed for ambitious and creative young talents eager to carve their path in the world of professional consultancy. Whether you are a recent graduate or new to the business world, this program invites you into an environment that embodies values such as being driven by impact, keeping the future in mind, and having the ability to define what comes next!

What you bring to the table:

  • Minimum 4th year student from a top tier business school, economics, computer science, engineering or related degrees,
  • 0-2 years professional experience if you are a graduate,
  • Love to innovate and to build your dreams. Visionary and driven, you are excited about the opportunity to work with smart people on complex challenges,
  • Motivated self-starter and team player with strong problem solving and analytical skills,
  • Able to effectively articulate technical challenges and solutions.

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  • Innovate with Passion as a Developer

    If you are passionate about software development and the idea of creating impactful solutions that pave the way for the future excites you, then ourtop-notch team is the perfect place for you. DefineXers thrive in an environment where their skills can shape the next level of technological innovation, and they pulse the consultancy world with the boundless power of their creativity.

  • Innovate with Passion as an Analyst

    If you are a new graduate passionate about business analysis, understanding needs, managing relationships, and creating effective solutions for the future, consider becoming a DefineXer as an analyst. Join us in an environment where your skills can shape the next wave of technological innovation, and let's make a splash in the consultancy world with the unlimited power of your creativity.

You're Next is not just a program; it's an invitation to young and bright talents ready to make an impact, envision the future, and define what comes next in their careers. Join us and be part of the journey as a DefineXer, transforming potential into professional excellence!
A DefineXer also embodies the following qualities:
  • Humble

    Valuing humility and recognizing the power of collaboration.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Embracing the mindset of a builder and driving innovation.

  • Ownership Mentality

    Taking responsibility and going the extra mile.

  • Respecting Internal Processes

    Valuing and contributing to our internal systems.

  • Talent Nurturer

    Fostering the growth and development of fellow team members.

  • Title"less"

    Embracing a culture where titles take a backseat to collaboration and contribution.

  • Data and Fact Driven

    Making informed decisions based on data and evidence.

Let’s Give a Listen to Former NextGen’s

“Team DefineX has a rich history, and I sensed it the moment I joined, swiftly becoming an integral part of it. You can observe that the best people have come together here!”

Berk Avcı
Business Analyst, DefineX [Former NextGen]

Growth Journey: Step Up!
Thumbnail of Analistten Danışmana: İrem Çetinkaya'nın DefineX Kariyer Yolculuğu
Analistten Danışmana: İrem Çetinkaya'nın DefineX Kariyer Yolculuğu

İrem Çetinkaya'dan Larger Than Life mottosuyla kurduğumuz büyük hayallerin bireysel başarılara dönüşme hikayesini dinlemeye hazır mısın?

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Thumbnail of Lead Developer: Berkay Eren'in DefineX Kariyer Yolculuğu
Lead Developer: Berkay Eren'in DefineX Kariyer Yolculuğu

Berkay Eren, Senior Developer olarak başladığı DefineX yolculuğunda kısa sürede Lead Developer pozisyonuna yükseldiği #largerthanlife hikayesini bizlerle paylaşıyor.

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Thumbnail of DefineX'te Lead #mobiledeveloper Olmak
DefineX'te Lead #mobiledeveloper Olmak

Mobil Ekibimizin Lideri ile Tanış: Metin Haliloğlu ve DefineX Seni Bekliyor!

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Thumbnail of DefineX'te Senior Developer Olmak
DefineX'te Senior Developer Olmak

#TeamDefineX'i tanımaya devam ediyoruz! Bu sefer karşınızda, DefineX'in öncü projelerinde iz bırakan enerjik bir yazılım geliştirici var: Senior Developer Burçin Akalın. Bu samimi röportajı kesinlikle kaçırmayın!

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Empowering Your Excellence
Empowering Your Excellence
Celebrate and Connect at DefineX

We believe in the power of celebration and connection. Join us as we unite for exciting events and activities that bring out the best in our team. From lively happy hours to special office weeks where remote teammates join us in person, we foster a sense of camaraderie and collaboration.

With myGitX, our exclusive internal e-commerce platform, you’ll experience personalized welcomes and recognition. And let’s not forget our highly anticipated annual team retreat, where we indulge in unforgettable moments and create lasting memories. At DefineX, work is a joyful journey.

Celebrations and What’s Next?

Thumbnail of DefineX’te Sosyalleşme, Eğlence, Çalışma Deneyimi
DefineX’te Sosyalleşme, Eğlence, Çalışma Deneyimi

DefineX’te çalışma hayatını People Success Expert Ayşe Önder’den dinleyin.

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Thumbnail of DefineX'in Gelecek Planları
DefineX'in Gelecek Planları

Geleceğimizi planlarken nelere önem verdiğimiz ve dünyada etki yaratmak için nelere odaklandığımızı kurucularımızdan dinleyin.

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Caring for TeamDefineX
  • 01 Invest in YOURSELF

    Prioritize your career and personal growth. Take ownership of your professional development, embracing opportunities for learning and advancement.

  • 02 Embrace Work-Life Balance

    Create your DefineX experience by finding the right balance between work, earning, learning, and enjoying quality time with your family and loved ones.

  • 03 Uphold DefineX's Best Interests

    You are an integral part of DefineX! Always act in the best interests of our team. Together, we shape our success and contribute to the growth of TeamDefineX.