Defining Excellence: The Unwavering Values and Spirit of Team DefineX

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Authors: Ayşe Önder

Team DefineX is more than just a group of individuals; it is a top-notch team that stands tall, supports each other, and celebrates collective victories. We embody our values and enchant not only ourselves but also those who journey with us. As a proud member of this team, I want to give you a glimpse of what is in store for you. The rest of this article will take you to the very heart of our organization – our core values, which serve as the compass that guides our efforts. They define who we are, how we operate, and the impact we make in the world. Join me as we explore the values that fuel our collective spirit, shape our future, and drive our unwavering passion for excellence.

A true DefineXer is committed to upholding our core values, even when expressing personal thoughts and emotions. Within our cohesive team, where we consistently achieve our goals, support each other, and prioritize collective success, individual aspirations seamlessly align with our overarching mission. We build perfect moments for every step and have fun as we grow. And even when emotions run high and personal thoughts run deep, our values remain unwavering, providing the bedrock of our collective identity.

These values serve as our guiding North Star, pointing the way to sustainable success. Every step we take, every email we send, and every meeting we convene is underpinned by our values, shaping our decisions and designing our path forward.

Does it sound too idealistic to you? I thought the same thing before I became a DefineXer! I have to say that these values are not just lofty ideals; they are the truths that drive me and my fellow DefineXers on our journey here. Let me try to show you.

Team DefineX is guided by four core values:

  • Future in Mind
  • Define Next
  • Driven by Impact
  • Best Environment for Best People

The cornerstone of DefineX’s success lies in our ability to build and sustain these four values within an organization that thrives over time. Let’s dive into them.

Future in Mind

“Future in Mind” is a core value that underscores our commitment to long-term thinking and proactive planning at Team DefineX. For us, success is not just about the present; it is about shaping the best version of tomorrow. We refuse to settle for fleeting accomplishments; instead, we wholeheartedly embrace our role as architects of the future. Our commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in our stewardship, where we craft a harmonious strategy that benefits generations to come.

Moreover, the stewardship of Team DefineX remains unwavering, as we continually develop our leadership skills and enhance the sustainability of the Team DefineX environment. A testament to this is our mentorship program, pairing each DefineXer with an experienced journey-mate, whom we proudly call a Growth Coach. Through this model, DefineX preserves its unique wisdom and ensures that it continues to benefit the next generations within our organization.

Another tangible example of this commitment is the “Buradayım” (I am here) app, a product of the collective efforts of Team DefineX. This innovative application is designed to ensure the safety of every DefineXer during natural disasters or critical situations. In times of emergency, DefineXers can receive comprehensive support by alerting our team through this application.

Define Next

“Define Next” is at the forefront of Team DefineX’s ethos. We pride ourselves on being pioneers of the future, recognized for our ability to shape what lies ahead in terms of services and platforms. In every project we undertake, we push the boundaries of technology and design, repurposing assets and paving the way toward the future. A mere participant role is not in our vocabulary; we consistently lead the way.

A shining example of this is our Maslak Platform. The success of Team DefineX has not only redefined our passion for innovation but also transformed the landscape of the business world. In an era where various industries ranging from telecommunications and banking to e-commerce and insurance rely on a multitude of applications to manage their operations and provide services, the end-to-end processes have become increasingly complex. The growing demand for diverse applications to meet evolving business needs, coupled with the challenges of integrating these applications, has added further complexity and cost to the equation.

Our Maslak Platform stands as a true game-changer that will accelerate the digitalization efforts of institutions of all sizes. It offers a comprehensive solution that caters to all the API management, security, logging, monitoring, DevOps requirements, all unified within a platform that promotes effortless service development. Building upon Maslak’s foundation, we proudly introduced ParaPlus – an innovative app that aggregates users’ credit card transactions, credit card campaigns, and pre-approved loans from multiple banks in a single user-friendly interface, a pioneering feat in Turkey!

Our commitment goes beyond; we are also actively shaping the “next” for our clients. Organizations, in their pursuit of digital transformation, create their own platforms. It is at this point Team DefineX steps in and supports organizations that may find it challenging to implement on their own. One such call came from one of Europe’s leading banks. The project included the creation of a multi-tenant, cloud-ready platform using open-source technologies. This technically driven, service-centric platform boasts over 40 services and continues to grow, enabling business domain development teams to develop a wide range of business products faster. One of the differentiating features of this platform is its inclusivity. Both the parent bank and its subsidiaries use the same platform, sharing or configuring it as needed to meet regulatory requirements. This approach reduces system complexity and enhances overall operations.

Driven by Impact

“Driven by Impact” is a driving force at DefineX. Our commitment goes beyond mere decisions; they are catalysts for meaningful change. At the core of our philosophy is the relentless pursuit of value creation, both for our clients and for our team. We deliver services when they make a significant impact at the right value.

A striking example of this is our collaboration with Turkey’s largest telecommunications company, where we orchestrated a remarkable technological modernization of their CRM application. With expertise and precision, Team DefineX successfully migrated the application to the Openshift Container Platform along with a significant version upgrade, a feat never attempted before in the world. This noteworthy advancement automated system load balancing, dramatically reducing package deployment time from a grueling 4 hours to just 15 minutes. Furthermore, the project ensured seamless accessibility across all mobile devices and browsers for the web channel, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to delivering impactful solutions.

Best Environment for Best People

“Best Environment for Best People” exemplifies our meticulous approach to creating a mental and physical environment that attracts and retains the best talent. We honor individual differences, invest in fostering talent, and mold ourselves to nurture team success. Within the Team DefineX, diversity is not just acknowledged; it is celebrated, and the necessary skills are shaped and promoted. In essence, we cultivate an environment where each individual can thrive as their best self.

Here are some concrete examples of our commitment to this ethos:

  • MyGifts Shopping Platform: We have designed and developed our MyGifts shopping platform to cater to the needs of every DefineXer and their families. This platform features unique designs, offering a wide range of products, from sweatshirts to backpacks, thermoses to keyboards, all of which can be purchased using Xcoins, a currency reserved exclusively for DefineXers. As our successes mount, our team and managers generously contribute to the pool of Xcoins so we can enjoy the shopping experience.


  • Servant Leadership: At Team DefineX, we are all about impact for the next generation! I believe Growth Coaching is the best practice of this vision. Each DefineXer is paired with an experienced DefineXer to help them orchestrate their journey and grow professionally. Every DefineXer has the opportunity to learn from and be coached by industry experts, supportive leaders, and colleagues with diverse expertise.


Our culture values collaboration and contribution over title. DefineXers embrace a “title-less” mindset, prioritizing teamwork and recognizing the contributions of each team member equally. We value different perspectives and willingly take on various roles irrespective of titles. Active listening, respect for others’ input, and fostering an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere are our guiding principles.

  • DefineX Assistant Program: We benefit from the DefineX Assistant Program to address a wide range of needs that DefineXers may encounter, ranging from psychological counseling to houseplant care, legal information services, and nutritional guidance.


  • Diversity & Individual Difference: As Team DefineX, we have an environment that celebrates the power of diversity and equality. In this team, we do not use stereotype recruitment approaches and we do not design development journeys for existence. Instead, we strive to unlock the genuine talents and unique potential of DefineXers. Here you may encounter a business analyst with a social science degree or hear the inspiring story of a manager who, fueled by a newfound passion, moved from leading a technical team to driving our recruitment efforts.


  • Open Communication: Every Friday at 15:00, the DefineX CEO and COO engage in a meaningful dialogue with the DefineX team. During these sessions, they not only reflect on their week but also provide insight into DefineX’s upcoming plans and initiatives. They also ask if any DefineXer needs help or has an announcement to share. These meetings serve as a platform for celebrating successes, including notable client deliveries and personal milestones such as welcoming a new family member or achieving athletic triumphs. In addition, these meetings serve as introductions for new DefineX members who have joined the team that week, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere.


To become a DefineXer is to embrace the deep motivation to pioneer the future, the audacity to leave lasting impact, the creative foresight to shape tomorrow, and the visionary zeal to create an environment where excellence thrives. In other words, being a part of DefineX isn’t just about joining a team; it’s about embracing a passion! Hence, these values transcend mere sentences or short paragraphs. They make us resilient and mold us into an unstoppable force. DefineX values aren’t just tokens, they are the cornerstone of our team spirit, leaving an indelible mark on our business results and driving our true passion.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done. So, what happens when life throws us lemons? We respond with resilience, recalibrating our efforts, focusing our goals and reigniting our pursuit of the future. We return to the first step, find the team’s North Star, and always keep the future in mind ?.


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