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As a new generation venture builder, we are investing in innovative ideas to turn them into digital platforms and apps.

We create, launch, and scale high growth businesses leveraging our highly skilled product teams, extensive network, and deep industry experience. Applying lean startup, design thinking, and agile principles, we accelerate the ideation processes through to MVP. Combined with our marketing, branding, and digital revenue services, we help companies scale fast and gain traction way ahead of the competition.

How we do it?
Explore and Ideate Explore and Ideate

We map the user journey with our experts, ideate in rumbles, and start prototyping the concept. Afterwards, we bring in the customers, interview them with the prototype, and iterate on the concept. Aim is to successfully reach to a validated value proposition that has a strong business case.

Validate and Refine Validate and Refine

Our service design, branding, and engineering teams join their forces to develop an MVP in the leanest way possible. We run user interviews, usability tests, and surveys to iterate and fine-tune the concept. Aim of this stage is to prove that the idea can acquire and retain paying customers.

Execute and Extract Value Execute and Extract Value

We launch the product, start acquiring the customers, and run the business with the objective of validating the MVP. Then, we proceed by building a beta product and scaling the business so that we can create exponential growth and loyal customer base.

Ventures we built

Maslak Digital Services Hub provides an integrated API Platform connecting all business world to create new digital services at the speed of ideation.


ParaPlus is an application that allows smart management of expenditures by tracking credit cards from different banks from a single point.


Ensuring that end-to-end foreign trade processes are managed on a single platform with its integrated wide foreign trade stakeholder network, and profitability is increased by reducing cost & delivery times


GRI Portfolio provides special portfolio management services to all its customers who want to evaluate their investments in funds, regardless of the amount, in an easy way.


Loran Media is a digital media benchmarking platform that provides cost and quality insights about your digital advertising campaigns via certified and secure data integration with digital media channels.


LegalTech Hub is a powerful AI platform that provides enhanced tools to manage correspondences in a smart way.

Ventures we invested

Userdot targets to shape the future of e-commerce by empowering its clients with real-time and actionable eCommerce data & insights that boost sales and save time

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