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Tolga Ulutaş

Tolga is a life-long learner driven by curiosity. He thrives on tackling problems where the intellectual challenge is high, and success has the impact of being a game-changer. He loves to juggle multiple questions simultaneously and is happiest when shaping, building, and testing new approaches and thinking for long-running and demanding problems. Positive and an optimist, he is always genuine, always “on”, and always fun. He loves building trust-based, enduring relationships. He is a true believer in meritocracy and the value of hard work. An all-around people person, he loves motivating others to reach their maximum potential.

He has been fortunate to achieve all of the above at great companies and for iconic brands at a global level, where he implemented strategic, critical missions either as a consultant or business leader. Tolga has built a substantial track record in making technology work for impactful business transformation and learned to create competitive advantage for telecom, financial and retail industries.

Tolga has lived long enough to know that all competitive advantage stems from building top-performing teams, life-long friendships and fostering pride in people for their work. He’s proud to be a “Team DefineX” recruit.

He holds a BSc from ITU and an MBA from SDSU, which led him to his first job years ago. After all, engineering rocks when you know how to apply it to solving business problems.