Patronus AI & DefineX Partnership

Share Icon Share 28 Jun 2024
Authors: Emre Hayretçi

DefineX, a new generation consulting house spearheading innovation, proudly announces its collaboration with Patronus AI, the pioneering provider of advanced automated AI evaluation solutions

At DefineX, we frequently hear from leading customers about the opportunities and challenges enabled by wide scale deployment of large language models (LLMs). The proliferation of deployment solutions and reduction of costs have unlocked new LLM use cases for our customers. However, wider deployment of LLMs has made clear the challenges in scalably detecting and remediating the problems associated with them —hallucinations, the disclosure of private information, and bias (gender, race, and cultural). Our aim with this Patronus AI collaboration is to provide a scalable environment to detect and track LLM performance issues.

“This collaboration represents DefineX’s unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of AI testing and validation,” said Emre Hayretçi, Co-founder of DefineX.

With Patronus AI as a trusted partner, DefineX is equipped to evaluate the performance of generative AI systems, ensuring their safe and effective use across the Middle East region. By integrating with Patronus AI, DefineX will offer a seamless solution for enterprises to gain insight into their LLM systems’ trustworthiness. Together, DefineX and Patronus AI aim to empower organizations with innovative solutions that drive trusting AI technologies.

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