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Your Bank from Distrupted to Distrupter

Prepare for the disintegration of banking and expand your bank’s sales and service channels in the market

Digital traffic has become the main traffic and banks need to be there. Specialization is becoming a must because it is hard to become a «Master of All» since there are conflicting success factors. Banks need to decide on the role that they will play in the future. DefineX can support you in this journey of defining and building your next-generation banking play.

Be the Master of Customer

It is important to hold on to your customers and even acquire more so that you can still hold an upper hand for Master of Customer role. Your competition will be Telcos, E-Com players etc. when time comes and all has a larger customer base than banks today.

1. Exist where customers exists

2. Become part of value chain in
other business flows digitally

3. Own or control high frequency
customer interaction points

Operate as a Digital Platform

There are 4 successive steps that needs to be taken by banks considering a next generation banking play. A robust Digital Platform is the key enabler of this journey in every step.

Have a strong tech asset ready to cater for «Contextual Banking».
    Digital Platform approach serves this thru ready to use tech stack and skills instead of building from scratch.
Start Embedded Banking to become part of value chain in other business flows.
    Digital Platform approach serves this thru availability of API based services.
Own or control high frequency customer interaction points.
    Digital Platform approach serves this thru easy and low-cost testing.
Decide on what not to do. Pick target leadership areas and drop others.
    Digital Platform approach serves this thru easy and low-cost design and build cycles.
How we can help?

We will follow a proven product methodology for design and implement your next generation services

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